Dr Alexandros Yiannikouris
Dr Alex Yiannikouris obtained is Doctoral degree in Biochemistry in 2004 from Blaise-Pascal University, co-supported by Alltech Inc. and the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA), France following his bachelor and master’s degrees in Cellular Biology, Microbiology and Parasitology and a master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Food Science.
Dr Yiannikouris joined Alltech-France in 2004 while completing a postdoctoral commitment in environmental analytical chemistry in the laboratories of the National Council of Scientific Research (CNRS), France. He then joined the Alltech Inc. Research Headquarters in the Centre for Animal Nutrigenomics and Applied Animal Nutrition, Nicholasville, KY, USA in 2007.
In his current position, Dr Yiannikouris is currently the Research Group Director – speciality Chemistry, leading research and development programs in the field of mycotoxins and food chain contaminants and related mitigation strategies; as well as bioactive ingredient research. He is furthermore leading scientific programs implementing state-of-theart and high throughput research technologies to the advancement in analytical methods development. He is part of the Alltech Mycotoxin Management Team as the Research Director and field expert, and provides Global technical support for commercial, marketing and regulatory departments worldwide. He has given lectures in more than 50 different countries with over 100 scientific publications and international communications. He also carries since June 2015, the title of Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Department of Animal and Food Sciences of the University of Kentucky, in the US.
His scientific interests have focused on multi-disciplinary approaches joining biochemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology, analytical chemistry, mathematical modeling, in silico molecular mechanics, genomics, metabolomics, proteomics disciplines for elucidating the biochemistry behind the sequestering activity of natural and synthetic adsorbents toward mycotoxins and for studying the distribution and bioactivity of organic vs. inorganic sources of trace elements applied to animal nutrition and in life-sciences projects. He is also implicated in scientific programs measuring metabolites, biomarkers of exposure, and metabolomics in different animal and vegetal matrices applied to the field of mycotoxins, antioxidants, and trace element bioavailability with a special emphasis on Mass Spectrometry applications.