The best way to receive protocol about analysis and sampling would be to contact the local Cargill/Provimi representative who could then escalate the demand. But all customers’ demand should go through the Cargill sales representatives.
This is indeed almost 1000 analysis per day. We have more than 250 000 analysis per year and a working year is about 250-300d. We mostly use Elisa kit and lateral flow device as most of our analysis are done in the plants or in a lab close to the plants and we need the results quickly. We also do HPLC analysis, but this is limited.
True, DON is very complicated to bind, and no aluminosilicate has a significant effect in case of DON contamination. So, our philosophy is to measure the DON level in the raw material and, depending on the level of contamination, to affect the raw material to the less sensitive species. We also use health support technology to strengthen the natural defense/mechanism of the animals to detoxify this mycotoxin (specific ingredients to support liver function and gut health, antioxidant to limit the effect of the oxidative stress, etc.).