Dr Elsje Pieterse

Elsje Pieterse is a Senior lecturer at the Department of Animal Sciences, Stellenbosch University, Chairman of the Winelands Archery club in Stellenbosch and 3Di representative to the Western Cape Archery Federation. Undergraduate studies were conducted at Pretoria University and post graduate at Stellenbosch university.  Currently her research focus is on the mass rearing of insects.  The purpose of this research is multifaceted.  Firstly the project aims at breaking down organic waste with the subsequent reduction in risk of contamination of ground and surface water while harvesting the nutrients from the waste as protein feed for animals.  Research on the processing of insects produced as feed and food leads to the production of protein concentrates, lipids and chitin. While the wider application of animal sciences led to the development of diets for mass rearing of pest species used in integrated pest management using the sterile insect technique.  These include the false codling moth in citrus, sugar cane stalk borers in South Africa and Mauritius, cocoa pod borers in Papa Niue Guinea and weevils for the biological control of water hyacinth and water lettuce.  Elsje has, in the past ten years, authored 18 peer reviewed articles, acted as editor for conference proceedings, presented 36 conference papers, completed 40 post graduate students and currently supervises 13.