Dr Robin Meeske

EMPLOYER: Department of Agriculture: Western Cape, Outeniqua Experimental Farm, P.O. Box 249, George, 6530
POSITION: Specialist Scientist: Dairy Cow Nutrition


  • BSc. Agric. (Animal Science) 1982, University of Pretoria
  • BSc. Agric. Hons (Animal Nutrition) 1985, University of Pretoria
  • MSc. Agric. Animal Nutrition, 1990, University of Pretoria. An evaluation of alkaline hydrogen peroxide treatment for upgrading of wheat straw
  • PhD. Agric. 2000. University of Stellenbosch. The effect of silage inoculants on fermentation properties and on animal production
  • Appointed as extraordinary Professor at the Department of Animal Science, University of Stellenbosch in 2007

Agricultural researcher at the Irene Animal Production Institute working in the field of ruminant nutrition with special reference to upgrading of roughages and crop preservation. Visited Dr. G. Ashbell at the Volcani Research Center at Bet Dagan in Israel for a period of three months during 1991 working on ensiling of fodder sorghum with the addition of a bacterial inoculant.

1995 Present
Specialist Agricultural researcher at Outeniqua Research Farm. The Jersey research herd of 400 cows in milk at Outeniqua is an excellent research facility. Duties are research and extension in the field of dairy cattle nutrition and crop preservation. Research at Outeniqua include:

  • The effect of concentrate supplementation on the productivity of grazing dairy cows
  • Ensiling of different crops in the Southern Cape
  • The effect of grain processing on milk production and milk composition
  • Evaluation of different silage and feed additives
  • Replacing maize as energy source with barley in the concentrate for dairy cattle
  • Evaluation of two ryegrass cultivars as pasture for dairy cows
  • Supplementation of maize silage to cows on kikuyu or ryegrass pasture
  • The effect of pattern of concentrate supplementation on milk production and rumen parameters of cows grazing kikuyu/ryegrass pasture
  • Milk production from kikuyu pasture systems over-sown with westerwold, Italian or perennial ryegrass
  • Palm kernel expeller replaces maize in concentrates for dairy cows
  • High fibre byproducts in concentrates for dairy cattle
  • Evaluation of feed additives
  • Scientific output includes 46 scientific papers and 81 conference contributions